Seeing Seth Meyers 

This ones a doozy. So I’ve always been a pretty big fan of SNL and late night talk shows and comedy and the like, so a few years back I found out you can get free tickets to see people like Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers live. This was awesome and all but you had to be over 16 to go, and unfortunately I was not. So I waited and waited until finally I turned the big 1-6. So, now I am 16 and the world is full of possibilities, the world is my oyster, and late night television just happens to be the pearl. Or is it clams that have pearls? Well anyway, you get what I mean. So I enter the lottery for The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon a few times, and don’t get anything. Then I try for Late Night with Seth Meyers. Lo and Behold I get tickets! It’s the opportunity of a lifetime… I’m going to be seeing Seth Meyers himself in New York City! So, I make a detailed itinerary, down to the minute with every bus and train my friend and I will take and every road we will set foot on. We convince our parents to leave school early and take the train ourselves- it was really the whole nine yards. Now, the morning we went my friend says to me that there was some kind of train derailment… but we don’t think it will affect us… So we buy our tickets we get in our train we’re pumped, we’re excited, we’re going to see Seth Meyers!! And then we’re approaching the stop right before ours and the train isn’t really moving. It’s just standing still. We haven’t approached the stop yet so we can’t really get off but it’s not moving. They tell us there is a delay because of the derailment and they don’t know anything. They can’t tell us when we’ll move because they don’t know. Now we had some wiggle room, about 45 minutes of it, so we were hopeful. We were hoping this stop would be short and we would be fine. The train started moving again, and pulled up to the stop before ours. We reasoned that we could probably stay on because if it moved now, it’s sure to move again soon… but then minutes elapsed and we were just sitting. It was crunch time. We couldn’t miss Seth. The tickets said 5 o’clock sharp we had to be there. So we sprint off the train and call an Uber. We have to wait 13 minutes for it to come. Finally we sit in the car and we tell him, “Rockefeller Plaza, as fast as you can!”, but nothing, not even a nice Uber man and two teenage girls with somewhere to be, is a match for New York City traffic. We see the minutes being added on to our arrival time. 4:55, we’re fine. 4:56. 4:57. 4:58. 4:59. 5:00. 5:01. Oh god, no. It’s 5:04 and we’re at the Rainbow Room NBC entrance. We’re shouting “Where’s the Grand Stairwell??” “Which way to the check in desk??” We run in the way the fingers of kind strangers point and we see a big stairwell with huge glass doors shut in front of it and a few people arguing with a lady behind a small glass counter. This can’t be happening. It can’t be. “Please, we have tickets, who can we talk to?” “I’m sorry there’s nothing I can do, you can go talk to the lady in the gift shop- She’s in charge of standby” “thanks!” And we bolt to the NBC store, run up to the first people in somewhat official looking clothes and start telling them “we have tickets please we were minutes late, a train derailed please” “you’ll want to talk to her, but try to be as courteous as possible” “thanks!” We run to this woman with a clipboard in her hands and an annoyed expression on her face. “Hi we have tickets the train derailed please let us in” We start explaining, on the verge of tears. “I can’t let anyone in, all the standby tickets have been given out. Sorry.” And that was that. The moral of the story there: be on time to NBC tapings; if you’re late, they won’t show you mercy and they won’t let you in.